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Adventures of a Suburban Kitty: June 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 Questions + 5 more!

Pandafur asked me these 5 questions, and I'm going to do my best to answer them.
 1. Who iz your bestest furrend?
That's the most difficult question. I'd say it has to be a toss-up between Treasure and my mom.
2. What iz your favrite place to napz?
My favorite nap place is wherever I have a fleece bed. There's one in my little red tent, and one in my stroller.
3. Duz you haz a hobby?
Besides driving Mom crazy? Yeah. I like to play in my water dish and drown my toys. I guess that does fall in the category of driving Mom crazy cuz she doesn't like when I do that. But it really is fun.
4. If you culd go anyware in teh werld, ware wud you goes?
I don't much care for traveling. But if I could just magickally appear there without having to go in a car or plane or anything, I'd like to go visit our furriends all over Europe.
5. Wat's teh cutest thing abowt you?
That's another difficult one. I can't decide if it's my face or my floofy tail. Or that I'm still on the tiny side.

 And Blind Maximus asked these 5 questions but didn't pick anyone special to answer them, so I'll answer these, too.
1) How did you get your name?
Mom got me just around Halloween, and thought the name would fit me.
2) How do you feel about baths?
That depends. I love the baths I give myself. I've never had a bath where I get stuck in water, so I don't know how I'd feel about that.
3) What is your favorite food?
I don't have a favorite. Mom buys stinky goodness in a variety pack, so I get something different every few days. I like them all. My favorite people food is when Mom shares her chicken with me.
4) If you could have any animal sibling, what would you pick?
I think the ferrets are very cute, but they might be cuter than me, so that's no good. Maybe another kitty for a sisfur.
5) On a scale of 1-10, 1 being "roses" and 10 being "kill you dead" how bad do your farts stink?
What is it with boys and farts?

Now for my 5 questions.
  1. Do you get along with your sisfurs and/or brofurs?
  2. What's best about the city where you live?
  3. What's your favorite color?
  4. Who's your favorite human that's not in your family and why?
  5. What are your bestest games to play?
Here's who they go to:

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Treasure's First Adventure

I'm turning my blog over to Treasure today. He had his first big adventure with Mom and her friend, Chris. I didn't go because they were in the car for many hours, and I don't like the car very much.  Take it away, Treasure.

Treasure here. I had my first adventure and it was very exciting. I got to go to Rocky Mountain National Park. Here I am seatbelted into the car all ready to go. The bear sitting next to me doesn't really have a name and is always in the car. He's kind of a good luck charm for the car.

 Our first stop was the visitor's center in Idaho Springs. They had this great exhibit about the gold mining history of the area. Mining is very hard and dangerous work.

Here we're back on the road. I was bad and sat on the dash for a little while so I could see the beautiful scenery. Our next stop was in Grand Lake where we ate lunch. The lady in the next picture with me is Mom's friend Chris that found Pumpkin and gave her to Mom.

We had lunch at Grand Lake Brewing Company. Mom and her friend ordered a beer sampler (no, they didn't drink it all). Mom shared her hamburger with me. It was very good!

The day started out nice and warm and sunny. But Colorado has strange weather, and I got to experience it first hand. While we were eating lunch, the sky turned very dark and it started hailing! It got really cold out, too. It was very exciting to watch for a while, but then we just got too cold and went into the indoor seating.

It didn't take long for the sun to come out again, and we continued on our way. Finally - Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). We weren't in the park 30 seconds when we saw a herd of elk. There are lots and lots of elk in the park and they are the easiest animals to see in the park. Well, except for the ground squirrels and chipmunks. (I don't have any pictures of those).

We were driving through the park and saw a lot of people pulled off the road so we decided to see what they were looking at. Well, it was a moose! Now this is amazing because the moose in the park usually hide and don't let themselves be seen. We got a couple pictures of this moose, but they weren't very good because the moose was mostly hidden. We watched her for a while and then continued on. And guess what - we saw another moose! Mom and Chris go to RMNP all the time and never see a moose, and we saw two! As you can see, we got a really good picture of this one.

We took a little walk in Coyote Meadow, but didn't see any coyotes. We did see beautiful flowers. We didn't get to stay long, because the weather changed again. We heard thunder and decided to go back to the car. We drove all the way through the park and over Trail Ridge Road.  We stopped a few times to pictures of pretty places and flowers.  There are more pictures of our adventure here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Femme Friday

Sleepy kitty.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sneaky Saturday

I know we don't really have a Sneaky Saturday, but Mom was a real sneak today.

We haven't been on a walk for ages because it's been raining whenever Mom would have had time to take me. Well this morning was bright and sunny. I knew today we'd get to go out and I would get to take Treasure on our first adventure together. Some adventure. :(  I should have known something was wrong when Mom put shrimp treats in the stroller.

Mom harnessed me, put Treasure and me in the stroller and got all our walking stuff organized. We started out on our usual route, so I thought we were going to the duck pond. But when we got up to the big road, Mom didn't take the tunnel that goes under it. She kept walking along it, down a really long hill. It was noisy and stinky and Treasure and I didn't like it too much. Plus, there were some men doing something to the grass with smelly, machines that sounded like angry bees. Yuck. So far, not a great outing.

We finally get where we're going and guess where we were. She took me to the v-e-t. How could she do that? How could she trick me like that? Here, I'm looking forward to my first adventure in ages and she takes me to the v-e-t. I can tell you my furriends, I was not a happy kitty!

We got inside and the nice lady behind the desk made a big fuss over me. I was only 4 months old the last time she saw me and I was still very tiny. Mom asked if she would do her a favor and weigh me. I didn't know what this was, but it turned out not to be bad. They put me on the white thing that told Mom how heavy I am. Turns out I weigh 8 lbs, 5 1/2 ozs. Mom said I was purrfect. (Of course I am!) Then Mom put me back in the stroller.

That was it? No injections? No indignities? No (I shudder to say it) thermometer? No pulling at my ears and prying my mouth open to look in it? OMC&D, you have no idea how relieved I was.

We trudged back up the hill. This took a while cause Mom's kinda old and squidgy. We finally get back home and go inside. When she opened the stroller up I couldn't get out of it fast enough. Sneak me off to the v-e-t. Humph! Although, she did say I was purrfect, and I got shrimps, and the v-e-t just weighed me, so I guess it wasn't too bad. I guess if she promises never to walk in the noisy, stinky place again I'll forgive her.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Femme Friday

Here I am guarding the computer. It's a very important job.

I'm also going to put in pictures of my sisfurs Beastie, Sheena, and Pixie that crossed the Rainbow Bridge. They were very beautiful kitties. I never met Beastie or Pixie, and Sheena crossed shortly after I came to live here so I didn't really know her, either.

Beastie - Look at that face. Now you know why she's named Beastie.

This one is Sheena. Isn't she pretty?

 And last is Pixie. Mom raised Beastie and Sheena from kittens, but Pixie was a rescue, like me. But she was all grown up when Mom rescued her and I was still a baby. She turned up on Mom's front porch after a snowstorm, and Mom took her in and gave her a home. I look a lot like Pixie, except she didn't have a tail.

So those are the cats that lived with Mom before I came along. She sure knows how pick pretty cats.

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to check out my latest Naughty blog. I don't think I was being naughty at all, but Mom insists I was. Tell me what you think. I Swear I was Helping

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pasi-scarves from @pasikas

As I told you, I got Royal Mail earlier this week. My scarf that I won at the #Wigglepawty came. Only there wasn't just one scarf - there were two! Kathleen (@pasikas) not only makes beautiful scarves, but is the nicest lady in the whole world. What I expected to get was a cute little scarf that would fit me just perfect. And I did get that. What I didn't expect was what else was in the package.

Look at how beautiful these scarves are. I can't believe Kathleen sent two scarves. The pink and blue one is long and narrow and is in colors Mom wears very often, so I gave her the long scarf.

Here are the pictures of me opening my package and unpacking the scarves.

I'm so lucky, not just to win prizes but also to know people that are so kind and generous that they're willing to donate such wonderful things to the pawpawties.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Insurance Companies are Strange

My furriends, I'm telling you insurance companies are just strange. They pay you not to do stuff. What sense does that make?

The insurance man came for the roof yesterday and to see what else was broken. The roof definitely needs to be replaced. The insurance will also pay for some other stuff the hail (I finally learned what the ice cubes were called) broke that needs to be replaced. He also said there are dents in the gutters that they're going to pay us for. He recommended we don't replace the gutters because the dents don't affect how they work and whoever put them in did a really good job (the gutters, not the dents). They're also going to pay us for dents in the garage door (that Mom can't see). He said don't replace the door, it's not worth doing. Now my furriends, you tell me what sense that makes?

It's good for Mom that we're getting this extra money - it will probably cover the deductible and she's not worried about whether or not she can get the roof fixed anymore. But how much sense does it make to pay people for stuff that doesn't need fixed, even if it is a little banged up? My little kitty brain says if you pay people to fix stuff, they have to fix it. But no, that's not the way it works. They pay you for everything that's broken or dented. You only have to fix stuff that makes the house safe.

They did the same thing with the car. Mom's car used to have a fancy bumper that was low to the ground and got all scraped up. When Mom had it fixed, she had them put on the not fancy bumper that's not so low to the ground. Guess what they paid for? The fancy bumper. Mom is supposed to get a check for the difference between the fancy bumper and the not fancy bumper. I guess it's lucky for us that they did that because the garbage disposal quit working yesterday. I hope nothing else breaks!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kitten scribbles

Random musings today.

I got Royal Mails yesterday. My #pawpawty prize of a scarf from @pasikas came. There was a surprise in the package! 2 scarves! More details and pics by the weekend.

Mom was reading this today:  There's a picture there that looks just like me. Kitty that looks like me. This kitty even has circular markings on its belly like mine. Mom thought I might be a Maine Coon mix because of my personality and cause of my beautiful fur and markings. Now she's pretty sure.

Mom saw a coyote when she took her walk yesterday. It was just outside the fence to our subdivision. It was staring at her, so she just stood real still so it wouldn't be scared of her. Finally it walked off and Mom finished her walk. I'm glad I wasn't with her even though I would be safe in my stroller. Being that close to a coyote sounds scary.

The man from the insurance company comes tomorrow and then Mom will know more about the roof. She knows they'll fix it. She's just hoping they give us enough money for a roof that won't get holes in it again. Then we don't have to worry no more about ice cubes from the sky.

I'll try to do a good post this weekend. Mommy has to go to a wedding one day and a baseball game another, but I'll make her sit down at the 'puter and type for me and put my pics up.


Monday, June 7, 2010

For my friend Paddy.

I just found out that my friend, Paddy died. I know a lot of you know Paddy and Dushi and have been following all the posts about Paddy's and Briti's kittens.

Paddy and Dushi were among my first friends when I started blogging and Twittering (has it really only been a few months?). They're very special to me and I'm going to miss Paddy very much. I looked forward to seeing what they were up to everyday. Paddy was just such a sweet little thing and always made me smile.

I know she's ok across the Rainbow Bridge. But I'm still sad because I'll miss her and I know so many others will too, especially her family. Let's all of us who love her send lots of love to her family to help heal their hearts.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Treasure, Prizes and Other Treats

Treasure finally arrived. He came to me all the way from England by Royal Mail. I won him in a contest from BarkWorld Expo. There was a contest on Frugal's pawpawty blog to name the doggy, and whoever had the best name won the doggy. The winner was announced at the #pjpawpawty. They thought I had the best name, and now Treasure has come to live with me. He's exactly as described, and you'll see in the pictures he looks purrfect on our couch. He's just the right colors. Mom figured out how to embed a slideshow in the blog so here are pictures of me and Treasure. Make sure you read the captions.

I told you how lucky I was that at the last #pawpawty I won a gift certificate to my pal's Baby Patches mom's store, Nip and Bones. Well, I ordered the most pawsome little fishy bowls to have my dinner out of. Those came today. But there was something else in the box, too. Mom got me some surprises! Nommy surprises! I got shrimps (some of you call them prawns) and some venison treats. Oh my cats, I don't think I've ever tasted anything so nommy. So that's what the rest of the pictures are - me opening my box from Nip and Bones and checking out the stuff from the box.

Hope you enjoyed my pictures, although I have to say I'm getting a little tired of Mom and her flashy box.

Don't forget about BlogHop!

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bad news today.

You know how I told you sometimes ice cubes fall from the sky here? Well, last week we had a terrible storm. No one that lives around here can ever remember a storm this bad. Ice the size of golf balls and some even as big as tennis balls were falling on us for over half an hour, and there was a tornado really close to the house. I was home all alone and was so scared. Mom didn't even know it happened because by the time she came home from chorus all the ice had melted.

One of our neighbors told Mom that the ice cubes had messed up their roof and Mom should get our roof inspected. So she did, and guess what. We have to put a new roof on the house. The house is only 5 years old. Poor Mom just spent a bunch of money getting her car fixed up, and now she has to fix the roof.

I don't talk about the sad stuff in our life, but today I just have to. She's been working real hard with the bank to get them to let us keep our pretty house, and now this. She's so sad. She didn't sleep last night but tossed and turned all night. It hurts my heart and makes my eyes leak to see her so sad. Can you imagine if she spends all that money to fix the roof and then can't even keep the house? She has insurance, but she says she still has to pay something called a deductible and it's a lot of money.

Thanks my furriends for letting me meow on your shoulders. Sometimes you just have to get the sad stuff out, you know?

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