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Adventures of a Suburban Kitty: March 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Musings

Happy Sunday efurybody! I hope you all had fun at #SciFiPawty yesterday. I know I did!

I also got my first stroller ride of the season yesterday. Here I am in my stroller:
We saw hawks and a robin. We didn't have the good camera, so we didn't get a good picture of the hawk, but we did get a good picture of the robin.
We were walking along, and all of a sudden we heard this squeaking coming up out of the ground!
We kept walking along and then we saw all these mounds that hadn't been there last year.
Finally our mystery was solved. Look what we found! A prairie dog. Their tunnels must be so close to the surface that we could hear them squeaking in their tunnels.
When we got home and Mom took me out of the stroller and took the harness off, guess what she did. She put the harness on Candy! Then she put Candy in MY stroller. MY STROLLER! How dare she! Don't believe me? Just look at these pictures:

She looks like she's made herself entirely too comfortable in MY stroller. I just don't know what I'm going to do. I really don't mind having fursibs, but do I really have to share everything with them? Next thing you know they'll be taking over my blog and my twitter account! What's a kitty to do?

That's it for this week. have a good week my furriends!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Musings a day late.

Happy Monday everyone! I have to tell you about my weekend. It was quite exciting.

Once a year, Mom and some of her friends get together for a whole weekend to do crafts, play games, and hang out. This year they all came to our house. It's girls only, but we let EK stay anyway. MOL. I'm not used to so many people around, so Friday night I mostly hid from everyone, but I did come out for dinner. EK and Candy are more outgoing, so they hung out with Mom and her friends.

There were people sleeping all over the house. All the bedrooms were full, and there was even someone sleeping in the living room!

Candy & EK sleeping on the cot in the living room that mom set up for company to sleep on.

EK needs to learn that cats are supposed to have dignity. I'd be too embarrassed to be seen like that.
Since all the beds were taken, I slept on the sofa. Mom tucked me in all nice and cozy.
Saturday was the most people. Some people came just for the day instead of staying the whole weekend. There were a bunch of tables set up in the living room and dining room for people to work at and stuff piled everywhere. I don't know what's so interesting about cutting out pictures and sticking them to paper, but they must have been having a good time because they couldn't stop laughing.

Saturday night they had Cajun food so they made it a Mardi Gras party. They had masks and beads and everything.

Ek tried to eat his beads.

Doesn't Candy look pretty in hers?

Now that's just showing off.
Notice who's missing from the pictures? Me! I hadn't made up my mind yet to join the fun. but I finally did after dinner Saturday night. I even let people pet me! Here's proof:
One contented kitty.
We got spoiled and petted and played with all weekend. It was very exciting having so many people around. What kitty could resist so many new sights and smells and getting fussed over so much?  And the best part - I learned that I don't have to hide from people anymore. Everyone that comes to our house loves kitties. I guess mom just picks her friends that way.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Nimbus - Goodbye Dear Furriend.

My eyes are leaking as I write this. Another angel has crossed the rainbow bridge. After a long, difficult fight, my dear furriend Nimbus has left us. I know his whole family is brokenhearted, as am I. TSB did everything humanly possible to help Nimbus get better, but Bast had other plans for him. Now he's over the bridge, and I know he'll keep an eye on his fur-mom Jadzia and his uncle, my darling Curzon, from there.

I wish I could come up with something clever or deep to say, but I'm kind of numb. I wish I could just whisk Curzon off someplace and the two of us just be alone with our sadness, but that's very selfish. He and his family need each other. I know there's nothing I can say or do to really help ease their pain. Only time can do that. All I can do is send all my love and be there when they want to talk.

TSB, I know you did the very best anyone could have done for Nimbus. No one could have given him more love or more help. Curzon & Jadzia - my love to you both. *big hugs and healing purrs*.

If you want to leave love and messages for the family, you can do so here: Us Three Coons. You can also light a candle in memory of Nimbus: Enter group Nimbu.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopt the Internet Day

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day
Today is Adopt the Internet Day and's 15th birthday!

You all know that I was rescued from a trailer park by my mom's friend and given to mom, but not all kitties (or dogs for that matter) are as lucky as I am. Some pets need help finding new homes like EK and Candy. They're both from Duncan's PlaceDuncan's Place lists their available cats on Mom looked at lots of cats on before deciding on EK and Candy.

Did you know that has other pets besides cats and dogs? They have rabbits, horses, fish, birds, and all kinds of wonderful fuzzy furriends waiting for someone to love them. If your home needs a new addition, is the place to start.

If you're full up, please join the blog hop and help spread the word.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sylish Blogger Award

My wonderful pal, @MarioDaCat over at Mario's Meowsings, gave me this award:

Mario really deserved this award. Not only does he have a cool blog, but he does so much to help out anipals all over the world. Whatever we got going on online to help anipals, Mario's lending a helping hand. That's style. He gave me this award way back on February 1st. How stylish was it of me to first of all, not say thank you in a timely manner, and not to get it on my blog? I'm not sure I deserve this award. *hangs head in shame*.

I'm supposed to link back to the pal who gave this to me (done), tell you seven things about myself you don't know (coming up), and pass it on to 7 pals. That's gonna be tough, cuz most of you have gotten it already.

So, seven things you don't know about me:
  1. I still hide from mom's friend who rescued me and gave me to mom. No one can figure out why. She loves cats and I know she won't hurt me.
  2. I've started giving Candy nosetaps. We're actually getting along. We're not playing yet, but we're better.
  3. I love belly rubs. Or maybe I've already told you that.
  4. I like sleeping on the bed with mom.
  5. No matter how many new toys mom gets, my favorite game is still fetch and my favorite ball is still the hedgehog ball.
  6. As much as I love to play, my favorite times are the quiet times.
  7. I don't want to jump up to all the places the EK jumps to, but I'm kinda jealous that he jumps that high, cuz I can't.
That was tough! I tell you guys everything, so it was hard to come up with 7 things to put on my list.

Now here's my 7 nominees:
  1. @frugaldougal  Paws Around the World
  2. @dashkitten  Dash Kittens Mewsings
  3. @hemmingwayscat  Hemmingway's Adventures in Family Life
  4. @catsparella  catsparella
  5. @shivaandjaya  Shiva & Jaya
  6. @quadpaw  Cats Who Twitter
  7. and last, but certainly not least, @UsThreeCoons  Us Three Coons
So there's my list! Happy Sunday everyone!


    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Natural Disaster in Japan

    My dear furriends. We've all heard about and seen the images from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I posted in Twitter asking where we could send money to help the animals that are victims of this disaster. It was easy to find links of where to send money and things to help people, but I couldn't find anyone focusing on saving animals. @kurousanohaha, who lives in Japan, saw my tweet and was kind enough to send me this link: Animal Refuge Kansai. Edit - just did my donation. It does the donation in yen, so you'll have to look up the exchange rate to figure out how many yen equal what you want to donate in your currency.

    I know there have been a lot of appeals lately for money, but this has been a bizarre year for unusual natural disasters all over the world. My mom's old, and she can't remember ever seeing so many natural disasters happening in so many places so quickly, one after the other, like there's been the last year or so. I really hope we can all dig down a little deeper and find an extra dollar or two to send. There are a few thousand of us anipals here on Twitter, and if we each just send a dollar that would be a few thousand to help save animals suffering because of the earthquake.

    You can also give money to the SPCA International. And I just found out from Life with Cats that the American Humane Association is also collecting to funds targeted for Japan.

    More sites with links:
    Curls and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex Cats
    Japan Animal Aid
    The Conscious Cat - This blog has a bunch of links to places giving help. Some the same as what's already here and some are different. Besides, who doesn't want to meet a new blog pal? Check it out!

    It's Saturday and that means Blog Hop! Join the fun:

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    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    My pal Nimbus

    As most of you know, my #1 mancat is Curzon over at Us Three Coons. Well, his brofur, Nimbus, has been furry sick. And furry sick translates into lots of vet bills. My furriend, @Hemmingwaycat started a ChipIn to help with those vet bills. I've added that ChipIn to my page, too. Poor TSB needs all the help she can get in these tough times. Please help if you can, even if it's just $1

    I hope you all can attend #NimbusPawty on March 19-20. #NimbusPawty

    Thank you.

    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    Sunday Musings - I'm Back!

    After a long absence from blogging (thanks mom - not) I'm finally back. Mom's been very busy, plus, our computer bad luck came for another visit. But I finally have a new laptop, so I'm hoping to be a regular poster and twitterer again.

    Today started out absolutely perfect. We all got to sleep in. It was a gorgeous morning so Mom opened the windows so we could smell the outside. Then Mom added some more pieces to our kitty city. We even played with Da Bird this morning. Could you ask for a more perfect start to the day?

    I should have known it couldn't last. Mom went out for a bit, and when she came back she brought a terrible monster with her. My furriends, I didn't know that anything more horrible than the rug sucking monster existed, but it does. Look at this hideous thing!

    Sure, sitting there quiet in the garage it looks all harmless and innocent. But when it starts up, it's a horrible beast that foams at the mouth and sprays water out it's nose! And on top of that, it roars just as loudly as the rug sucking monster and can suck up a kitty as quick as a blink! And when it finally quiets down again, it's left its horrible slime all over the place. The carpets were all wet and there was no place safe for us to walk or lie down without getting its monster slime on us. I can't believe Mom let that horrible beast in the house.

    We have a baby beast Mom got for cleaning up after Candy's accidents, but it's small enough that I can keep it in it's place and show it who's boss. Plus, it's too little to suck up kitties. I don't mind the little beast too much. I just cannot believe Mom let the big beast in the house. She better not ever do it again, or I might be looking for a new place to live.

    After making you look at those horrible monsters, I thought I'd close with some cute pictures. If you can look at these and not squeeeeeee, there's something wrong with you.

    Have a good week!