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Adventures of a Suburban Kitty: April 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Goodbye Sweet Praline

 Another angel has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Sweet Praline has gone from being a star of the CB to a star in the heavens. I know now that now she's no longer in pain, no longer dealing with cancer, and is her sweet loving self again playing like a kitten. Her mom, Paula, made the most beautiful video collage of Praline. If you want to see it or if you just want to leave words of comfort, her blog will be up for a few more days at least. If you click on the picture, it will take you to Praline's blog.

Good-bye my furriend. I'll miss visiting you everyday.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Purray for @Laddiecat

My lovely Twitter furriend, @Laddiecat, has had another stroke. He's at the v-e-t jail in a coma. We all need to send him good energy and lots of love so he can take the next step in his journey. I hope that next step is that he comes out of his coma and comes back to us. But whatever that next step is, he's gonna need all the love he can get so he can take it soon and not linger in a coma.

His humans need our love, too. Waiting and feeling helpless is very hard. It's a little easier when you know pals are purraying for you and sending good thoughts and energy.

If you're on Twitter, please come join us on #LaddiesPorch and let @Laddiecat know you're here for him and his humans.

Sorry there's no picture, but I didn't have a chance to get permission from @Laddiecat's mom to use his avi.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday Toesies

Guess who's toesies these are.

My dear furriend Rumbles is sick, and we still don't know what's wrong with him. I'm gonna ask you all to cross your paws and your eyes and whatever else you can cross and purray to whoever you believe in that it's not serious and that he's gonna get better. You can leave kind words for Rumblemum and dad here: Please Purr for Rumbles. I know they'll appreciate all the kind thoughts and wishes they can get right now. We all love you Rumbles and we're all pulling for you!

Edit: Just heard from Rumblemum. Rumbles doing good but has to stay at vet a couple more days. *breathes huge sigh of relief* Let's all send some get well smoochies and cuddles!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Musings - Lots of Thank Yous!

Happy Sunday everyone! My blogiversary week has been pawsome, and it wouldn't have been without all the help from my furriends.

I've already thanked some of you for your links to my blog and to my book, but I have some new thank yous that need to go out.

First, I want to thank @DashKitten for putting an announcement on his blog, Dash Kitten's Mewsings. @DashKitten assists so many pals by helping them spread the word about their efforts to help other animals. We all have so much we're trying to do, and no one can do it alone. It's so wonderful to have this network of pals that work together to make life better for everyone.

Next I want to thank everyone that bought a copy of 'Summer at the Lake with Petie' in the last few days.  I needed to sell 6 copies to have enough in the account to get paid so I could send the money to Duncan's Place. Well, pals bought 14 copies! 14! That's so amazing. Some pals even ordered multiple copies. Duncan's Place is going to be getting a very nice donation next month once the payment processes. 

Next, a shout out to @Mariodacat & @TheNascarKitty. Not for anything they've done for me personally, but just because they're always putting others first. This week they pulled off an amazing feat!  Mario's been helping @TheNascarKitty raise money so his dad can transport two woofies named Pugs & Doodles to a new home in California. They were living in an abusive environment that their mom just had to get out of, and @TheNascarKitty's dad is helping them relocate Pugs & Doodles. The whole story is on Mario's website, Mario's Meowsings, and over at the NipClub Blogspot. They managed to raise enough money to fly the dogs to their new home. Bravo guys! Well done.

Now for an update on my drawing. Either no one wants to win the Nutro prize package from the wonderful people at Nutro ( & Greenies (, or no one can follow directions. My blogiversary blog has had over 140 views and almost 30 comments, but only 8 entries for the drawing! My furriends, I just don't understand it. How can anyone not want to have a box arrive at their door that's full of nommy kibble and treats, a tote for your people, and some really fun toys? 

Now I know some of you are on special diets. Enter anyway. You can donate it to a shelter or someone you know who can use it. If you want to enter, go to my blogiversary blog and leave a comment. Make sure you say in the comment that you want to enter the drawing so I can tell your entry comment from the other comments. Of course, if no one else enters, that leaves really good odds of winning for the few that enter. MOL

So that's it for this weekend. Have a great week!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Blogiversary

Today is my first blogiversary. I can’t believe a year has gone by so quickly. And what a year it’s been! Better get comfy because this blog’s gonna be a little on the long side. MOL!

Here’s a partial list:

My sweetie Curzon
  1. Joined Twitter, Fursbook, and Facebook and started blogging.
  2. Gained over 1,000 Twitter followers, 246 Facebook friends, and almost 100 regular blog readers.
  3. Wrote 97 blogs here and a couple over at Anipals Read.
  4. Tweeted over 13,5000 tweets. (I’m a real chatterbox, aren’t I?)
  5. Met tweeters from all over the world and made tons of amazing friends.
  6. Sadly, had a bunch of friends go OTRB.
  7. Wrote (well, edited) a book. More about that later.
  8. Adopted a shelter to help support (still working on how to do that effectively).
  9. Went to Blogpaws West 2010.
  10. Stayed in a hotel!
  11. Went lots of cool places in my stroller.
  12. Met some of my twitter friends live and in person.
  13. Went out to dinner at a restaurant. How many kitties can say they’ve been to a restaurant?
  14. Been interviewed for Cats Who Twitter and Anipal Times.
  15. Adopted two fursibs, Candy & EK.
  16. Joined #pinkangels and got a cool Hello Kitty motorcycle.
  17. Became a barktender for #nipclub & #pawpawties.
  18. Got an even cooler vehicle - a Lamborghini Gallardo.
  19. Had a hareem for a while, but now I got a sweetie - Curzon from @UsCoons.
  20. Was bridesmaid in a wedding and am going to be in another one.
  21. Attended lots of pawties.
  22. Won mountains of super cool prizes.
  23. Got Toki Poki cards and traded them with my friends.
  24. Got to wear lots of cool costumes.
  25. Was nominated for an Anipal Academy Award (but didn’t win).
  26. Candy & EK
  27. Entered the 2011 Teddy Olympics.

And that’s just what I can think of right now. I know there’s stuff I’m forgetting.

Most of my blogs have been about fun stuff and exciting adventures, but there have been a few serious ones, too. And I’m gonna get serious now for a little bit. As you all know, I keep trying to raise funds to help out Duncan’s Place (, which is where Candy and EK came from . I’ve put up a chip-in to raise some money for them. They do so much for the cats in their care and for the community and I really want to do whatever I can to help them. If you can see your way clear to donate, even just $1, please do so. 

Another way you can donate is by getting a copy of ‘Summer at the Lake with Petie’. My good pal @BlindMaximus was kind enough to write a blog about it and to put a link to my chip-in on his site. How amazing is that? @Rumblepurr is also helping. He has a link to my book on his blog. If I’ve missed anyone who still has a link up, please let me know. I want to make sure everyone who’s helping me gets mentioned. 

I’m gonna really push the book here for a minute, because of the way the website where I sell the books works. There has to be $25 in my account before they’ll cut a check. What goes in the account is the difference between the cost of the book and how much extra I added on to have to donate to Duncan’s Place. I’m short by about 4 books worth in order to get paid. It was 6 books worth, but @BlindMaximus bought a copy in addition to blogging about it, and @iamDaisyDoo bought a copy to donate for a prize for the next #pawpawty. Anipals really are the best pals. So I’m really hoping that at least 4 of you will order books so I can get one last check to donate.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for - the Giveaway! A while back I won a wonderful prize package from the folks at Nutro. It was very similar to this one:
It took a while until we actually got to eat the Nutro Natural Choice food that was in the prize because of Candy’s tummy problems, but we finally got to try it a couple weeks ago. We loved it!

Even more important, it doesn’t upset Candy’s tummy. We think the food is soooo good and you know how we love Greenies, so I wanted someone else to have a chance at the same wonderful prize package. I asked @EdnaAtNutro and the wonderful folks at Nutro if it would be possible to arrange one for my blogiversary. The answer was yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it is my pleasure to offer you a chance at this package full of fun and yum. Here’s the particulars:

  1. Anyone is welcome to enter for the drawing, but the prize is a cat prize.
  2. Apologies to my pals outside the U.S.A., but the winner has to be in the U.S.A.
Here’s how you enter.
  1. Go to the Nutro ( site and pick which formula of Nutro Natural Choice you’d like.
  2. Go to the Greenies ( site and pick which flavor of Feline Greenies Dental Treats you’d like
  3. Leave a comment saying you want to be in the drawing and telling me which flavors you’d like.
The last step is the most important. I know lots of pals who are not entering will also leave comments, so make sure to tell me you're entering the drawing.

Comments left by April 30th will qualify for the drawing. After the 30th, I’ll throw all the names in a magic internet hat and pull out the winner. The winner be announced May 8th. Good luck!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Musings - almost my blogiversay

Happy Sunday everyone! Do you know what Thursday is? It's my blogiversay! I'll do a special blog for Thursday recapping the last year. I'm also working on a possible giveaway. I'll know fur sure tomorrow if I'm gonna be able to do that, so stay tuned! Also, in honor of my blogiversary, I've got a chip-in going trying to raise money for Duncan's Place. That's where Candy & EK came from. I'm trying to raise $500. I have over 1,000 Twitter followers. If only half donate $1 each, I'll meet my goal.

Edit: Got word today and it's official. I will be having a giveaway from the wonderful people at Nutro for my blogiversary. Come back Thursday for details.

We woke up to snow on the ground again this morning. It's supposed to be spring. We had no snow all winter and now we're getting snow. :( That's the way it is here. We'll go from winter into summer with practically no spring. But we get so much sun and so little really bad weather that I don't think I'd want to live anywhere else.

As you know, Candy got the stroller ride last week. Mom took lots of pictures, but for some reason most of them came out fuzzy, but these came out really good.
Yellow Headed Blackbird


The Colorado Rockies. Don't know which specific peak. Possibly Long's Peak.

Mom was real excited to get the picture of the yellow headed blackbird. They usually fly off before she can get the picture.

So that's it until Thursday. Make sure you come back then for my special blogiversary blog and (hopefully) give-away.

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunday Musings - New Food & Anipal Photo Hunt: Grazing

Happy Sunday everyone. Wasn't the @ATPawty just fabulous? And at #nipclub we had a bridal shower and stag pawty for @CatGoddessAthena and @DaBooPatrol. What an exciting week it's been.

Here's the latest on me and the fursibs. We decided we don't like our crunchies anymore, so Mom's been trying 2 new kinds to see how Candy's tummy does. So far so good with both of them. One of them is Nutro Natural Choice Healthy Weight Adult. It was in the Nutro prize we won a while back, but we had to get Candy's tummy problems solved before we could try it. Here's what we think of it:
Look at us. Lined up like piggies at a trough! We crunched away until the dishes were empty. We really like it.

The other food Mom ordered online. It was Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium Formula Cat Food. We did about the same thing with that one. So now Mom's trying to decide which one to feed us. It guess since they're both good foods, it will be whichever one she can get cheaper. MOL

I was supposed to go for a walk this morning, but when Mom wanted to put me in the stroller, I ran off. So guess who got a stroller ride again - Candy. I guess I'd better quit hiding when it's stroller time or Candy will take it over for good. :(

How's that for a sad face? Do I look pitiful enough? I was trying to make Mom feel sorry for me, but I don't think it worked. She just laughed and took a picture. What's a girl gotta do to get some sympathy around this house?

Ek's his usual holy terror. Look at him nomming on Candy. I don't know how she puts up with it.

He's such a monster sometimes. He looks so innocent when he's sleeping, you'd never know he was such a little devil boy.
That's it for today. Have a good week everybody!

Edit: I think it's too funny that I post the first picture in this blog and this week's Anipal photo hunt is about grazing, cuz they we are, grazing in the new food. So I'm gonna add this blog to the photo hunt. You should play, too.