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Adventures of a Suburban Kitty: January 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pet Carriers

Peek-a-boo! Here I am in my little red tent. I just love love love my little red tent. So do EK and Candy. We love them so much, we have two of them! We play in them, we sleep in them, & we hide in them and jump out to pounce on each other. We have fun every way a kitty can have fun in our tents.

You're probably wondering, "What does this have to do with pet carriers?" Well, I'll tell you. Our magnificent little red tents are actually pet carriers. They have two zippers, so you can arrange them to open front, back or top. There are handles at the top for carrying. We love our tents so much we don't even mind getting in them to go to the v-e-t. That's right. Off to the v-e-t no muss, no fuss, no crying, no hiding. We just get in our tents and go.

We've read about a lot of furriends that have had to visit the v-e-t lately. They dread getting in the PTU (prisoner transport unit). They hide and run away and make it very difficult for their humans to get them in the PTU. Now, none of us, anipal or human,  likes going to the v-e-t. But sometimes you just have to go. So why not make the PTU fun?

Our tents are out all the time. We don't have any warning about being off to the v-e-t since nothing new happens until we get there. Mom scoops us up, puts us in our tents, and off we go. Our first hint that this isn't a new game is when she seatbelts the carrier into the car. And since I've had stroller outings involving the car, for all I know we're going on an outing!

I think everyone should have a fun carrier. I think it would make going to the v-e-t or anywhere else you have to go much less stressful. Don't forget to get nice fleecy beds to put in them. That makes them extra cozy and comfy!

My tent came from Target. I've never seen this type of carrier anywhere else. If any of you know of other fun carriers, post the link in the comments. There's three of us and soon the two little ones will be too big to share and we'll need a third carrier. It would be fun to have a new shape.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Musings

Happy Sunday everyone! Yesterday was Mom's birthday, so we've been giving her extra cuddles this weekend.

Good news! Okey's Promise passed it's funding goal and @BZTAT can go forward with her project. Congratulations @BZTAT and Okey's Promise!

Pals been asking about my Turbo Track cuz we got two of them arranged together. So here's what it looks like. We love it! We all gather around it with Mom and play with it. We roll the balls to Mom and she rolls them back to us. It's just so much fun.

Speaking of fun, here's a picture of my favorite ball. It's just about an inch or so big and it's my favorite ball for playing fetch. Problem is, because it's little it gets misplaced a lot and I'd like to have more of them. But Mom can't find any in the stores and doesn't remember where she bought this one. So if you see this ball anywhere, DM me on twitter (@pumpkinpuddy) and tell me where so Mom can buy it. EK likes it too, so we need lots of them for sharing.

We recently got a wonderful present from @Staffpurrson. It's one of the Harry & David boxes that @Mulder_cat and @Scully_cat are so fond of. It came with all kinds of surprises in it.

Just look at all the fun in there! We got Temptations treats, and some Luna Tuna, some great toys, a nice fleecy pad and something we've never had before - crinkley paper! We're just loving everything in this box. Or I should say EK & Candy are loving the box and everything in it. I can't get near any of it cuz they're toy hogs. At least I get treats & Luna Tuna. Nommy!

Look how funny EK is. There's not room for both of them in the box so he just climbed right on top of Candy. But she doesn't mind. They bonded at Duncan's Place and just love each other so much that they climb on each other like this all the time.
Here's more pictures of them cuddling. In fact, it's hard to get pictures of them not together.

And here I am in all my floofyliciousness!

Aren't I gorgeous?

Gotta go watch football with Mom now. She's rooting for Green Bay and the Steelers today, but especially the Steelers. Happy Sunday everyone!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Okey's Promise: Art for a Cause

Ok folks. Pay attention cuz this is important. Anipals and their humans know about the link between violence against animals escalating into violence against people. Unfortunately, there's too many people who don't know about it or don't really understand or believe it. Well, @BZTAT is working really hard to do something about it. The details are here: 
Okey's Promise: Art for a Cause
It's really important that you act on this quickly. @BZTAT has to get pledges of $5,000 or no one's pledges count. Unfortunately, she still needs almost $1,000 and has to raise it by noon EST on January 27. That's a lot of money to raise in a really short amount of time. There's an awful lot of us out there that know how important this is. Thousands of us in fact. If each of us gave just $1 we could make that goal. So get over to 
Okey's Promise: Art for a Cause
and donate today. Tell your furriends, your relatives, everyone you know.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Musings

V-E-T went ok. I weigh 9.6 lbs and somehow I lost my 2 bottom front toofies. Don't know when or how. The v-e-t said I'm perfect (well, almost - darn missing toofies). There's a new kind of injection that doesn't have a needle, but it makes a really loud noise and it scared me. I hissed and growled and got EK all upset.

EK did good too. He was better about his injections than I was. *hangs head in shame* I can't believe that little squirt was braver than me. He purred almost the whole time and the vet techs were all over him petting him and telling him how cute he was.  He's about 4 lbs, so he won't get much bigger than me when he's full grown. We're just a house full of little cats.

We're all on a prescription diet for a while cuz Candy's had ucky tummy for a long time and medicine didn't help. The prescription food is pretty nommy, so we're not too upset. And it is helping Candy. She's we've only been eating it less than a week and she's already feeling better. Mom had to buy a Spot Bot cuz Candy peed on the rug a couple of times. We're hoping that when she's better she won't do that anymore.

Speaking of Candy, we're getting along better. I shared a chair with her for a nap and even ate out of the same dish as her. I still give her a hard time sometimes, but I think we're gonna be ok together. 

I'm doing a book review later this week. It will be in the #readpawty blog - Anipals Read. I hope to have it done by Thursday, so look for it then.

It's snowing lots and lots today. It makes the world feel very quiet. It's pretty outside, too. All clean and white and sparkly. I love fresh snow!

That's it for this week. Meow at you later.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

For my furriend, Mulder_Cat

Yesterday, my dear dear furriend @Mulder_Cat lost his battle with cancer. He and his Staffpurrson fought it for 14 months, which is pretty amazing. It was a good fight, but we all knew that the day would come when he couldn't fight anymore.

@Mulder_cat was a very special cat. He was always there for everyone. He was smart, funny, a wiseacre, and never failed to make me laugh. I know he's not really gone in some ways. Mulder is tweeting already from OTRB. He's in a place where there's no more cancer, no more pain, and where he's whole and healthy again. He said he even has his man-bits back! Plus, when you love someone as much as we all loved Mulder, they're never really gone.

But it's still sad, especially for Staffpurrson and Mulder's sisfur, @Scully_cat. They won't get to snuggle him or play with him anymore. Scully won't have anyone to share the Harry & David boxes with anymore. He won't be there to make biscuits in Staffpurrson's lap anymore. I'm sure the house is going to feel empty for a long time. And if you'll forgive a moment of levity, I wonder what Staffpurrson is going to do with all that Luna Tuna?

Mulder, Scully, and Staffpurrson were my very first furriends on Twitter. Mom knows Staffpurrson for several years from a TiVo forum. He kept telling her how much fun he and the cats were having on Twitter. Mom finally checked it out and saw how wonderful the anipal twitterverse is and signed me up! If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't know any of you.

In case anyone wants to make a donation in Mulder's memory, there is a link on the Nip Club page to make a donation to Kings Highway Cat Rescue. This is the rescue that matched up Mulder with Staffpurrson. I think it was a perfect match.

It was my honor to lead Kaddish for Mulder.

Here we are gathered on Mulder's Porch for Kaddish (photo courtesy of (@JinJinDoggy). You can see Mulder looking down at us from the waving cloud. Some of us will be here the rest of the week sitting Shiva. Please come join us to honor and celebrate the special life that was @Mulder_Cat.

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